Thursday, September 23, 2010

5 million celebration post # 5

For this challenge we had to incorporate an envelope someway into our project. I made a mini album using paper bags. Instead of putting in tags, I put in envelopes so I could stash away as many photos as possible since every Thanksgiving we always seem to have pictures coming out the wazoo! lol

5 million celebration post #2

Peachy Keen challenge 37

                               For this challenge, please create a NEW CARD, LAYOUT or any other
                                     project using the SKETCH provided & KRAFT cardstock

                          I decided to go with a Christmas cards because I sold all of mine at my
                         Scrapbooking party so I need to stock up-lol. I made the christmas tree
                   using white feathers and I really love how it came out with the big button on top.

                                                                  Hope you like it!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

1st Scrapbooking Party

Today I had my 1st Scrapbooking Party and I had so much fun! I had a great turnout. It has been the greatest experience to take what you love doing and turn it into a buisness. I feel so blessed to be able to turn the gift that God gave me and turn it into profit. My first class is on October, 9th and I already have people signed up for it. With God (and my new cricut :) I will be able to do anything! This buisness will succed as far as I let it, and trust me, the sky is the limit! Thank you to all my followerers and everyone who has commented on my projects. One

My new Cricut Imagine

I can't believe I finally got my Cricut Imagine!

My husband trying to help me unload my package.
This is sooo cool!

                                                                 How do you use this thing?
 Maybe I should have watched those videos.
Still Confused...

After a few hours of getting to know my new Cricut Imagine, I think I
finally got the hang of it. This machine is awesome and I cant wait to
post my projects for everyone to see. Hope you like the pics-One

Monday, September 13, 2010

The New Cricut Imagine

I am so amped right now! Titi and I stayed up waiting for the release of the new Cricut Imagin so we could be one of the first to get the bundle package they were offering at HSN. I don't even know what I'm going to do with myself until it arrives. I feel like it's Christmas-lol. Soon I will be making projects with my new toy and all will be good in the universe again. I hope everyone who wanted one was able to get it and I know you are all probably as excited as I am. One

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Paper Cutz Challenge #58

Well...this is my last post for the night. I did the paper cutz challenge that delt with using a tag in some way or another. Since I am short of a few halloween cards, I decedied to do a card in the shape of a tag. I cut the goofy bat out of felt and his teeth are made of white foam. I also handmade the pumpkin baskets and candy corns (which are my fav halowwen candies:). My pictures will probably start having nicer backgrounds than my carpet-lol. I took a few photography classes in school so I will try to utilize that. Enjoy!

Cricut Cardz Challenge #41

The guidlines of this challenge where to create a fall cards without using the colors brown, orange, or yellow. It had me stummped for a little while but after creating some more invitations for my first scrapbooking party, I was able to come back to this challenge and finish it. For the tree I used the cartridge Stamping and the marquee was from Storybook. I really like how the card turned out with these colors and I hope ya'll enjoy it too!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cardz TV Halloween card challenge

My titi (aunt) told me that I need to be doing some more here is my second one.
For this challenge all you had to do was to submit a halloween card. I had a few cards that I could choose from but I really love this one because of the metallic green background. Green is my favorite color ;) I got the bat, moon, and fence from the paper doll cartridge. I cut out the boo from glitter paper and on the bottom of the fence, that is supposed to be grass-lol. I hope you all like it. Please post your comments and let me know.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Peachy Keen Challenge 36

This is my first challenge that I am participating in. I decied to do a home sweet home card because my husband and  I recently purchased our first home and we love it here. The paper I used was textured cardstock from Vibrant and k i memories from the Family tree booklet. I hope you enjoy it!